Create a concept for a book cover of “Black Boy Fly” by Isaac Addae. The cover features a vibrant, meaningful and eye-catching image. The title, “Black Boy Fly” by Isaac Addae, is prominently displayed in bold, empowering typography, capturing the spirit of the novel’s themes of self-discovery and ambition.


BrandLamb had worked on the cover of the book Black Boy Fly.

The Black Boy Fly book was written for everyone with a dream larger than life. Throughout the author’s life, He dreamt of taking flight toward his goals, yet faced many obstacles and challenges that kept him on the ground. I want everyone who reads this book to know one thing, you were born to fly! Life is truly a journey; with every battle you fight, you gain the strength you’ll need to soar amongst the stars.

The Black Boy Fly book and his writing were inspired by Richard Wright’s similarly titled novel, Black Boy, and the song, Black Boy Fly, from Kendrick Lamar’s debut album (Good Kid, M.A.A.D City). Literature and music have been constant forces in my life, and He often draws inspiration from both. The writings of Richard Wright have shaped my perspective on the struggle of African Americans before the Civil Rights Movement. Kendrick Lamar’s music, a dramatic blend of poetry and musicianship, provided me with various guides toward understanding the modern-day plight of African Americans.

Black Boy Fly Book Cover